Growth plays an important role in the development of projects and the greater ecosystem. We can detect some emerging topics by examining the growth rates of stars over the last year. The topic of green software is growing in popularity, also known as “green computing”. Its concern is the lowering of energy consumption, carbon intensity, and environmental impact of programming languages and applications. With over 97% of the world’s applications now using open source, this clearly affects energy usage and efficiency worldwide.1

Projects like Kepler, kube-green, Scaphandre, Cloud Carbon Footprint, Software Carbon Intensity Specification, and CodeCarbon demonstrating the growth within this new topic. This trend is partially driven by new collaborative communities, such as the Green Software Foundation, which is supported by major software companies. The ambitious climate targets of companies like Google and Microsoft may be a contributing factor to this trend. Levels of access and participation may also play a role, as green software typically has a lower barrier to entry for general software developers than other topics.


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